Blogging Blogger Beta

So, Blogger’s new version is now in beta but I can’t upgrade yet. Darn. I bet it’s because I don’t have adsense enabled on my blog. Probably all those people get to upgrade first. But the new functionality looks very cool and very welcome indeed. I’ve been looking for java scripts to do some of the things that the upgrade will do automatically, thank goodness cuz I’m no scripting guru and can barely find my way through my html template.

Details are here. Hopefully it will be rolled out to all us existing customers before too long. And like the Buzz says, if you just can’t wait you can create a new account to try it out. Hey! That means all the new people have better blogs than ME!

By the way, I was going to change my template from the one provided here by Blogger, but after playing with one of those free templates (see my list of them in a previous entry) I’ve decided to just modify the official Blogger template. The html code in a couple of these I tried was soooo messy that I would have spent half my time just cleaning up their templates before being able to use them at all. I guess that’s why they are free on the web.

I did manage to make a cool header image though (see above). What do you think?

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