News from Home

I’ve made it back to Amsterdam from sunny California, jetlagging and culture shocked. I haven’t called California home for over 14 years now, and sometimes I’m not sure which place seems more foreign to me, CA or NL. (more about that in upcoming posts…)

I won’t be writing here for a few days because I’m going to LowLands this morning and won’t be back til Monday. Unfortunately, as I’m writing this it is raining outside so this might be one of those epic mudbath festivals that I’ve only seen photos of. Ugh. I’ll have photos of my own on flickr on Monday. Last year’s photos are already up there.

By the way, after posting my last entry about the Blogger Beta, I was included in the upgrade program. HA! I have indeed upgraded this blog, but haven’t had time yet to play with the new options. I was also included in the Blog of the Day, which is pretty cool for a new blog I’d say.

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