Apple non-event 12 September

Am I the only Mac zealot who is less than impressed with the 12 September announcements? As far as I can see the only really interesting announcement was earlier with the new iMac screen size and bump in processor power.

Maybe I’m especially underwhelmed because I don’t live in the US and I don’t have a credit card with a US billing address. Therefore I can’t buy movies or TV shows via iTunes. I can’t even SEE what others can buy once I log in because iTunes knows my story and blocks all the non-available content. What a rip off.

I can understand not selling the TV shows since the networks elsewhere in the world (like our lame NET5 for example) likes to buy the shows a year later than they come out, at a better price I guess, and show them piecemeal. Here they do really nasty things like get you hooked on Grey’s Anatomy then suddenly stop showing the program half way into the season. Just stop. No explanation. No warning. Too bad. Tough shit. This is why I illegally download TV shows using Limewire. I’m forced to by the unprofessional Dutch networks.

But why doesn’t Apple allow us to buy movies? Movies that have been released worldwide should be able to be bought worldwide. Why not?

As to the other “news”, who needs another ipod mini? I have one of those already – a lovely pink one with my name on it. Why would I want to buy another one? I was really looking forward to a new Nano with more storage, or lower price, or video or something interesting. Now if I want to buy a black one I have to fork out for the highest price model. The thing that interested me about getting a Nano, when I have a perfectly good mini to use, is the Nike+ thingy that I can use to kick my running into gear. As a geek and tech junky, that Nike+ add-on looks really cool. But I don’t NEED a new ipod to play music. Now, given this new non-announcement, I think I’ll just look for a sale priced old Nano, in black, with the nice plastic finish that matches my white macBook and not bother with the new models.

Last, and maybe least, is the iTV announcement. Another non-interesting product when you consider that I can hook up my macBook to my TV, or simply get a new MacMini to use exclusively with my TV. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of wireless. I have an airport with airtunes that I use all the time. I’m now sitting outside on my roof terrace with my MacBook connected to the internet. But streaming to my TV? There are better and cheaper ways to get the same thing.

I hope next time Apple really has something to say when they build an event around announcements. Otherwise we will stop paying so much attention to them. Please please Apple don’t become another Microsoft!

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