Grey skies above

It’s been a while since I posted anything here and I’m starting to feel a: guilty (which is pretty stupid) and b: like I’d better continue this or I can just chalk it up to another thing started and not continued! Blogging is a committment!

It’s been a very busy time at work (excuse #1) and I’ve had no energy at the end of the day to be creative or interesting. There have been family issues that needed attending to (a pretty damn good excuse) which took time on the weekends. And the last few days a migraine has attacked me (final excuse #3) which made me incapable of doing anything other than sit and wait it out.

Finally when I do start feeling better, and feel like looking at the computer screen for more than a few minutes, I get addicted to playing Sudoku Slam. I was pretty much over my sudoku addiction and the 5 various sudoko books sitting on the coffee table have been untouched for a while. But them TUAW posted a link to this sudoko website and I’m sucked in all over again. This site is great because it takes all the tedium out of the game. So far my best time at solving their hardest puzzles is 3:33. Not bad I’d say. But then I’m an addict and this only feeds me.

Also, since I’m feeling better and have a little time this weekend, I’m looking again into hobby type projects. One of those is ripping vinyl records into mp3’s. Another one is making a cool ringtone for my Treo 650. Having looked around a bit it looks like Rogue Amoeba has the answers for both. And their company has a cool name.

When I was in California last (August) my mom had me help her set up some software and hardware to rip her records. We managed to make it work, but man what horrible software it was! This was the worst UI I’ve seen in years. Imagine Windows 95 type stuff. It works, but it ain’t pretty. Thank goodness I work on Macs and can use software as cool as the hardware. Sorry Mom!

So, dear reader, now that I’ve given you some links to keep you busy, I’m off to do my Dutch homework and take home test, then to try my hand at Rogue Amoeba’s toys…….

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