Dutch Cabaret, not just for the Dutch anymore

Tuesday night we went to see Sara Kroos at De Kleine Komedie. This was my second attempt at Dutch Cabaret this year and was much more enjoyable than the first (Jeroen van Merwijk). We know and love Sara as a Lama, and also saw her at the last Boom Chicago Late Nite but I had no idea she could sing! I’m still getting used to the fact that a one person comedy show in NL also includes singing. Cabaret is everything and if you can’t do Cabaret you are not going to do a one-man show. And Cabaret in NL means singing, telling funny stories, telling serious stories, talking to the audience and generally maintaining everyone’s interest for at least an hour at a time. No small thing!

I really enjoyed Sara because her jokes and stories revolved around people instead of around language. So much of Dutch humor involves plays on words and playing with the language, which for a foreigner who knows only a minimum of slang and expressions, it’s almost impossible to follow. Sara’s show was about our human-ness and our deep dark secrets. She was not falling the aisles funny, but entertaining and thoughtful and put a smile on your face kind of funny. And man she can sing! She belts it out and isn’t the least bit shy about throwing her body around at the same time. Respect.

And speaking of Cabaret, it’s not just for the Dutch anymore. Greg Shapiro is about to open yet another show – this time a one-man at the Sugar Factory entitled Greg Shapiro’s Going Dutch. It runs from 15-17 November. Unfortunately I’ll be travelling and won’t be able to make it, but all you expats out there should definitely go and find out “How to ‘Doe Normaal’ in a country with an identity crisis”.

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