Tourists in Amsterdam

Today I was at one of my favorite places in Amsterdam – Soap Treatment Store. It’s a day spa where I go to get pampered once in a while. Today was another sand blasting treatment for my face in an effort to make the wrinkles and errors of time disappear. I’ll let you know in another month if this series of resurfacing actions has done any good.

After I was finished I walked across the street to unlock my bike and head home. I notice a couple in front of Soap checking out the bakfiets parked there. A bakfiets is a generic term referring to any bike with some sort of box built onto the front of it. There are bakfietsen with big boxes in the front fixed between two parallel wheels. There are bakfietsen with a smaller box and just one normal front wheel. Anyway, this particular bakfiets had a child seat built into it and also a clear plastic rain cover. These are also common in a rainy country where kids sit inside a box on their way to school in the morning. This tourist couple just couldn’t get over it. They walked around it. And stared at it. And talked about it. Finally the man got out his camera and took a photo of it. I took a photo of him. Just another day in Amsterdam.

tourists in Amsterdam

2 thoughts on “Tourists in Amsterdam

  1. Dappere Bas September 1, 2007 / 15:03

    those weird dutchies think they can do anything with a bike. Looks like the lady is posing in front of the bakfiets. Like a pitspoes in front of a F1 car. :o)

  2. earlybird September 1, 2007 / 15:08

    Maybe she is pretending its HER bakfiets.

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