Run for Your Life!

For the past 2 months I’ve been training 3 days a week. First I was training so that I could run the Dam to Dam race this month. But it turns out that we’ll be cheering for New Zealand at a rugby world cup match in Scotland that same weekend. So, I’ll have to do the Dam to Dam NEXT year. Believe me, this is a blessing in disguise.

I’m in no way ready to run 10 miles in 2 week’s time. No way. The fall back plan is to run the 5km race that is part of the Amsterdam Marathon on 21 October. So.

The amazing part is that DB is ALSO going to run this 5k race! Last weekend we went out and bought him running shoes. He’s doing this as a pure experiment. Maybe on 22 October he puts the shoes away and never wears them outside again.

You would think that after working out for 2 months I’d be ready and able to run a measly 5km (3 miles). And I almost can! I can run 3km easily enough. I can even do it in a good time (for an old lady). The problem is that for the next 5 days my legs are so sore I can just manage to walk! So, each Sunday I go to the park and run 3km. And spend the next several days recovering. Obviously I’m doing something wrong.

DB suggested I find a workout scheme on the internet and do what THEY say for the weeks between now and 21 Oct. Ok ok ok. I’ll submit to someone else’s plan. Someone who knows what they are doing. Someone who has a tried and tested plan. Here it is. I start on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Run for Your Life!

  1. earlybird September 9, 2007 / 12:09

    why try something when someone allready made a good schedule? IMHO also a smalller change on injuries. Still 6 weeks to go.
    Hopefully it will not rain in Edinburgh so we can run there to.

  2. Dappere Bas September 9, 2007 / 15:48

    see if this comment is from me……..

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