Copper is soft

This is the result of 2 hours work last night. I’m referring to the little copper circle with the pattern cut out of it. There were 3 of us beginners out of a class of 11 students. We were sat together and given a small square of copper, a saw and teeny tiny saw blades. After 2 hours of hard work, voila, a pretty copper thing. Next week we’ll file it smooth and polish it shiny.

This was the first class called “edelsmeden” given by the volksuniversiteit in Amsterdam. Basically metal smithing/jewelry making. Like my mom says, “just what you need, another hobby”. Yeah, I know, like a hole in the head. But what the heck, it keeps me off the streets. And I learn some Dutch while learning something else fun. I hope in the end to make a ring. More photos to come!

2 thoughts on “Copper is soft

  1. jimbo September 29, 2007 / 14:02

    halloa ,Ja wat een leuke site or is this all in english ? well just in case ,we r in the same class and its realy fun .. and me too want to make a ring OR A pendant for my wife, hopefully towards the end of this course but lets c if we get that far lol .. could not make it yesterday had to work what a shame …hmm well i well be there next week for shure .. anyways thats all ciao jeroen
    ps i m also a big mac fan got my first 1 in 1990 .. and luv the buy by colours link ………..:D

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