3 weeks and counting….

In 3 weeks I have to run 5km.  I’ve been training, it seems like forever, just to get that far.  How’s it going?  Well, after missing 2 training sessions due to the lovely trip to Scotland (see previous post), I started up again this past Friday.  Actually I don’t feel like I completely missed my training in Scotland since we walked for HOURS in hilly Edinburgh and hiked up to Arthur’s Seat.  My legs were sore when we got home!

Probably work is having a worse effect on my training than a weekend away.  I’ve been working long, stressful hours lately.  Friday after work DB and I met up at the gym and it was about all I could do to talk myself into walking in the door.  I managed to run 3km (5min run, 3 min walk, repeated).  Ugh!  That was tough.

Today was better.  Yesterday and this morning I was suffering a migraine (stress again).  I have prescription pills for migraine, which do work, but I always hesitate to take them.  I think it is just wishful thinking – like the headache will miraculously disappear if I just wish hard enough.  Never happens.  So up out of bed at 6am this morning, I headed for the medicine box, then back to bed for a couple of hours.  At 12:00 I felt pretty OK so headed out to the park.  I walked to the Vondelpark (20 minute walk) then jogged 4km (jog 10 min, walk 3 min, repeat)!  I’m pretty pleased with THAT result.  And the BEST news is that my migraine has not come back.

Still on track to run that 5km race on 22 Oct!

2 thoughts on “3 weeks and counting….

  1. Dappere Bas October 1, 2007 / 12:25

    I’m proud! And that 5K will be a piece of choclate cake!

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