Rugby World Cup – Scotland v. New Zealand

Last Sunday we were at Murrayfield to see New Zealand beat the crap out of Scotland. A closer game would have been more interesting – 0-40 was quite a wipe out – but still it was fantastic to be there. The atmosphere was almost more carnival than sports.

It was a lovely sunny day:

All Black supporters!

and we got there early to take in the sites and breath in the atmosphere. As you can see, we were All Blacks supporters and to be honest it almost seemed like there were as many NZ fans in the stands as Scotland fans! There were a fare number of Kiwi’s in the crowd, but a lot of Europeans, like us, showed up wearing Black. And then there were the other fans, like the Portuguese fans dressed as Scots (with an Amsterdam jacket!):

Portuguese fans

Portuguese fans

The Polish rugby team:

Polish fans

I’m guessing these guys came from Austria…

Austrian fans

The Swedish team:

Swedish rugby fans

The Canadian:

Canadian rugby fan

Elvis was there (actually this is only 1 of several Elvis’):

Elvis rugby fan

The Dutch were there to party:

Dutch rugby fans

The French were there being French:

French rugby fans

And of course, real Kiwi fans:

Kiwi fan

As it turned out, the highlight of the match was the Haka. I had just bought a video camera and have really excellent footage of the Haka, but as yet haven’t gotten it off the tape and onto the computer. I’ll be sure to post that link or film here once the technical issues are worked out. (I’m no expert on the Haka, but it seemed to us that this was something special and not the usual Haka performed. I’ll try to find out if it was….) Until then, here are a couple of photos:



Now, if only we could get world cup matches on Dutch TV! We do get TV5 (French TV) which has shown a couple of matches. I really hope they show the quarter, simi and final matches there. It IS the French Rugby World Cup after all! Go All Blacks!

All Blacks throw in

4 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup – Scotland v. New Zealand

  1. Jez October 14, 2007 / 23:12

    Sorry to ask,but I am doing the marathon in Amsterdam next weekend and am desparate to know where I can watch the World Cup Final(however tarnished it may now seem!) What channel will show it?

    Thanks Jez

  2. earlybird October 15, 2007 / 07:25

    Hi Jez, don’t be sorry! You’ll be in lovely Amsterdam! Probably in pain from the marathon, but what’s better for that than sitting with a beer (or 2) and watching the rugby? If you are staying in a hotel, find out if they get TV5-Monde, which is the French channel we get on digital cable here in Amsterdam (via UPC) that is showing all the matches. Failing that, you can always head to one of the pubs on the Leidseplein such as the Bulldog, which I’m sure will be showing it. There are also a couple of Irish pubs in that neighborhood who will probably also show it.

    Too bad about the Kiwis, huh? I’m glad the French were beaten this last Saturday at least. They did a different haka for the French game than they did for the Scotland game. I’m sure that’s what did it……..

  3. earlybird October 22, 2007 / 07:16

    Hi Jeremy, how did you do yesterday in the marathon?

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