Running is not really healthy

As you readers know, I’m training to run a 5km race on Sunday 21 October.

Yesterday I went to see a physiotherapist because my lower legs hurt so much that I couldn’t run. In fact, I haven’t run in over a week. This is pretty depressing.

In my last running post I was happy and up beat and positive that all was going well. Two days later my lower legs hurt so much I couldn’t run during my Tuesday training. I mostly walked. I thought, well, just give it rest and do some cross training and all will be well. I put ice on my legs, which seemed to help. But then this last Tuesday I tried again and the pain is enough to tell me that something is really wrong.

The physio said I have shin splints. Again. Damn. She massaged my poor muscles, which hurt like hell. She gave me some exercises and stretches to do and said to come back on Friday. The funny thing is that neither of us can figure out how this happened. I was doing everything right! Everything was going so well! But anyway, here I am, just hoping that I can get better fast enough to still do this 5k. Of course I won’t run at all before the 21st. And even if I have to walk half of it – I’M GOING!

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