Flying Panthers strike again

Last night we went to see De Vliegende Panters (the Flying Panthers) in Carre.  They were very good!  Man, those guys can sing!  They were funny and fast and never let up for the entire 90 minutes.  I didn’t catch everything of course but even my Dutch family didn’t catch everything, so that made me feel a little better.  They started, and ended, their show in English, which was quite funny.  It was actually Denglish, the combination of both worlds, leading to literal translations and hilarious errors.  If you also find that funny, check out a book called “I always get my sin”.  It’s a book of errors Dutch people have made in English.  For example, “This is not to do” for “Dit is niet te doen” which really means “This is not doable”.  Or “This wrinkles a bell” for “Er rinkelt een bel” which really means “This rings a bell.”  Etc.

Anyway, it was a great show, I was really impressed and I’d definitely go see them again!  And I’m also going to try to find lyrics of their songs somewhere……

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