Running injury prevention

This morning I’m getting ready to go to the gym, not to run of course, but for yoga and cross training.  Since I now have “shin splints” I’m not running for a little while.  At least not until the 5km race in one week!  I was sitting here drinking my coffee, looking for inspiration and something to make me believe that this injury really is preventable in future.   I’m beginning to have hope after reading this terrific article I found on sports injury bulletin.  They give a lot of exercises to do to prevent this kind of injury and in general lots of good advice.  It’s a better article than I’ve seen on the usual suspects’ websites like Runners World and Cool Running.

I only hope that with the help of the physiotherapy, icing, cross training, stretching and exercises, that come next Sunday I can really make it to the end of the race within the 40 minutes limit.

After the gym this morning, DB and I are going to bike the race route and see what it’s like.  We’ve had lovely Fall weather lately.  Right now the sun is shining and the air is cool and crisp.  Perfect for being outside on a bike!

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