Changing perspectives

My mom says she’s coming to visit next year. Well, no tickets have been purchased yet, but it’s sounding pretty promising that her and one of her sisters will come stay with us next year. This really changes how I look at things around here!

There are of course all the typical tourist places to take them: Anne Frank house, Van Gogh Museum, Vollendam, etc. But there are also the small things, the day to day life things, that I start to look at differently knowing that Mom is coming and maybe she’d like this

Kop van Jut

For example, last night we went to eat at what has become our favorite eetcafe. An eetcafe is kind of a Dutch version of a diner. Good basic food at a reasonable price. We will certainly bring Mom here when she comes over.

And in the mornings when I bike to work I bike through the negenstraatjes (nine little streets) and through Het Spui. On Friday mornings it’s a busy place at the Spui with all the book sellers setting up their stalls for the day. We could have breakfast at Dante or Cafe Luxembourg and watch the city wake up and the book market set up. Then we can wander through the market and see what old books we can find.

Nearly every morning before I walk through the doors of the office I stop at the Coffee Company on the Nieuwe Doelenstraat and get a latte to go. I’m always thinking how nice it would be to have the time to sit there and enjoy my coffee while looking out at the canals and people. Now, when Mom comes here we’ll go sit there and have a cup of coffee and just hang out. Won’t that be nice?

Oh, and there’s the biological market in de Jordaan, and the Albert Cuyp market, and tea at the Blauwe Teahuis in the Vondelpark. And and and…. By the time she comes here I’ll have so many things on the to do list she’ll have to make some decisions………

One thought on “Changing perspectives

  1. mandy October 27, 2007 / 05:17

    Mood: currently green with envy, though I know my time will come! It all sounds so wonderful! I’ll save up all my cheesemaking money! 🙂

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