Battles in concert

Sunday night we went to see Battles at the Melkweg.  Like a lot of concerts DB buys tickets for, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I had seen a little clip of their Lowlands performance on TV and they sounded interesting, so why not go and check it out? I’m really glad I did!

These are 4 guys doing some very interesting stuff with electronics and guitars and a drummer who finished the concert looking like he had run a marathon.   It was a non-stop wall of sound.  I won’t try very hard to describe their music, because I don’t know of any other bands to compare them to, and I think it’s best if you just listen to them and you’ll see what I mean.

There were points in the concert where I thought “ok, you’ve made your point with that little snip of sound, now get on with doing something with it!” but just when I started to get annoyed with the disparate bits not fitting together, suddenly it DID all fit together and sounded amazing.  They work by building little bits of sound, then fold those bits together in clever ways and make you go “wow, how did they do that?”  It’s intelligent music.  It’s not always easy music.  But I was always interested in what would come next.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get their official website to do anything.  Maybe it’s a Mac thing or a Firefox thing.  But here’s a link to their wikipedia page where you can find other links to sites and to pieces of music you can listen to.

Here’s a YouTube video clip.  This is called “Tonto”.  There seem to be a lot of clips of “Atlas” but I like this one better.  Still, it’s not the same as seeing them live.  They are really a band you want to see live.

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