Learning something new

I wrote about a week ago about getting in contact with fellow knitters in Amsterdam. Well, I finally got off my lazy butt and went out and socialized with some knitters. And I met Nancy Marchant, who’s designs I’ve been admiring for quite some years. On Thursday night (18th) Nancy held a class in brioche knitting at De Afstap in Amsterdam. She also showed us her stack of berets like a stack of colorful pancakes. Nancy was very nice and patient and worked hard going back and forth between Dutch and English. There were two of us US types, and 4 Dutchies. Nancy’s been here 30 years and says her Dutch is terrible, but don’t believe it. She’s way too modest. It was a really nice evening and I hope to see Nancy again, along with other knitting fools, at De Jaren on Monday nights for the local Stitch ‘n Bitch gatherings.

Nancy Marchant

Now I’m all psyched to make the beret myself! I even ordered the very expensive, but very beautiful Noro yarn that makes up the varigated colors. Luckily I can buy it locally from Wolhalla. AND I have a GREAT idea for reversible socks in brioche stitch. I wonder if there’s already a pattern out there somewhere…. Here’s a photo of berets and my little brioche swatch made that night.

brioche stitch

I also learned about the Dutch Stitch ‘n Bitch Day that will be held 3 November in Rotterdam. DB doesn’t want to go (quel surprise) so I will drive myself and enjoy a blissful day of fiber fun.

You may be wondering how I’m getting along with Mom’s sock. Well, I was half way down the leg when I realized that it would be too big. So I ripped the whole thing out and started again. I’m now down to the heel flap:

Mom's sock

It’s not a very tall sock, but I think that’s ok. The heel flap is done in Partridge Stitch (purl the wrong side, slip every other stitch on the right side). I should have this first sock finished by Thanksgiving, which is good, because she needs to try it on before I start the second one!

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