Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

Olympic Stadium Amsterdam

Tomorrow we will run out of this stadium in the midst of throngs of cheering people!  Ha!  We’re only running the 5km and not the marathon, or half marathon.  But still, people will be cheering!

This morning DB and I went to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam and picked up our race numbers to pin on our shirts and our timing chips to tie to our shoes.  I’m excited and nervous.  This morning I went to the gym and did some cross training and weights and only about 5 minutes of jogging just to see how the ol’ legs feel.  They feel pretty darned good!  I might just pull this off after all!

I plan to carry my trusty Sony-Ericsson with me to take photos along the way.  I’m very curious what it will be like.  This morning there were bus loads of foreigners who have come just for this event.  I also heard that 2/3 of the runners are not Dutch.  Running marathons has become a tourist industry!  People flying around the world just to run marathons.  I’ll be happy just to drive around Holland and run a few 10k’s.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full update and photos and hopefully a happy ending!

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