Saturday morning in Amsterdam

The Utrechtsestraat (Utrecht Street) is my favorite street in Amsterdam. It is only 6 blocks long, but has everything I could ever need: food, music, clothes, books, etc. If I could afford it I’d live in that neighborhood and do all my shopping on that street. I’d eat in restaurants there and buy flowers from the shop on the canal bridge. Unfortunately I can’t afford to live nearby (unless in something the size of a postage stamp) and can only afford to shop there occasionally. I used to work at the end of the street and at least once per week spent my lunchtime walking Utrechtsestraat and picking up lunch. There’s Stacey’s where they have the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever had (besides my own). And Loekie where they make the very best melted goat cheese sandwich in the world.

This morning I was early in this neighborhood (9:15) and the only people out and about were shop keepers opening up and early morning tourists taking photos of the shop keepers opening up. I was there to get my hair cut at Kinki. Afterwards I walked up to Tromp (sorry no website), a cheese shop, to buy cheese for fondue this weekend. Trying not to be too much like a tourist, I pulled out my phone and took a few photos:

I couldn’t help thinking about my niece and her cheese making. Maybe one day her cheese will be in this shop!

I will definitely have to bring Mom to Utrechtsestraat when she comes to visit. Maybe she’ll also find out that melted goat cheese is lekker too.

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