knitting at last

I haven’t been knitting much lately. As you can see from previous posts, I’ve been busy. All this activity and it doesn’t even include work, which is taking up a lot of my energy these days. Between sitting at a computer, and just being dog tired at the end of the day, my needles have been still for long enough. A few things have happened in the last days to get me started again.

First, Mom finally emailed me her foot measurements. Shhh, don’t tell her but I’m going to knit her some socks. Gosh, do you think she’ll be surprised? I just couldn’t wait any longer to start them. I’ve been staring at the yarn longingly, and looking at the pattern book over and over. About a month ago I got a wild hair and ordered 3 new sock books from Amazon. As if I don’t have enough knitting inspiration in the house! But boy am I glad! I am going to knit Mom something from Sensational Socks by Charlene Schurch. I hope mine come out sensational too.

The second thing to inspire me to get those needles moving is getting in contact with some local knitters. I get the impression living here in Amsterdam, with only one very small (read: teeny tiny) knitting shop, that knitting is just not the thing here. I buy my yarn online. I surf and read knitting blogs from everywhere else in the world except NL. I get the impression that there are no knitters in Amsterdam. Except for Nancy Marchand, who I know lives here from seeing articles about her in knitting magazines since 1992! (Yes, I have every Vogue Knitting since 1988) And guess who is putting putting those sad impressions to sleep? Nancy herself.

I happened to look on knitty the other day and saw a very cool beret pattern in the latest issue of the mag. It turns out to be designed by Nancy and there was a link to her new web site on brioche knitting. From there I found an email address and dropped her a note. She wrote back to me right away and mentioned that she’s teaching a class in October at that teeny tiny yarn shop (de Afstap), in English, and to come along and meet some other English speaking knitters in the area. She also mentioned the Amsterdam branch of Stitch ‘n Bitch, which meets just down the street from where I work. Sooooo, looks like I’m not alone after all! Now THAT’s inspiration to get busy on something I can show for myself. 🙂 I’ll be hoping to meet some other knitters in the area very soon…..

This afternoon I knitted up a little swatch of something and threw it in the washing machine. It’s nice, don’t you think? (Don’t look Mom)

green swatch

Copper is Klar!

A few posts ago I showed a picture of the copper thingy we were making in the edelsmeden class on Wednesday nights.  Well, here’s the finished item!

It only took about 7 hours of work. 🙂  You can’t tell in the photo how shiny it really it, but trust me, it’s been polished to a burnished shine!  I even wore it to work the next day attached to a kind of gold colored thin sweater.  How is it attached?  We cut small round pieces of plastic, just bigger than the hole in the middle of the copper thingy (what DO I call it, anyway?).  You put the plastic circle on the inside of your fabric and push it through the hole of the metal.  Voila!  It stays in place very well.

At the end of the evening we started on a new project – a silver ring!  Oh boy.  Before the next class I have to come up with a nice design to cut into the silver to make relief.  I’m thinking a Maori pattern of some kind….

‘Tis the season

No, not that season. It’s concert and theater season here in Amsterdam.  Last night we went to see David Sylvian at the RAI theather.  I don’t know his music very well so really didn’t know what to expect.  What a treat it was!  His voice is deep and full and almost gives you shivers.  He had 4 other musicians playing with him (plus a Mac).  The music was sometimes complex and always interesting.  That sounds kind of clinical, which is not what it is at all; I just can’t find the right words to describe the music.  It’s definitely unique and well worth checking out if you don’t know it.  DB also has a nice review on his blog, in Dutch.

I always know if I really like certain music, or a show, if at the end I feel like “what, already over?”.  David Sylvian played for nearly two hours and I still felt that it was too short and I wanted more!

The only down side of the evening was the lousy organization at the RAI.  The tickets said that doors opened at 8:00pm.  The website said the same thing.  We showed up at about 7:50, came in, and realized that most people were in their seats already!  We tried to hurry in the doors, but in the end had to wait til the first song was over before we were let in.  A lot of other people had the same problem.  It wasn’t til after the 4th number that the musical chairs in the audience had stopped and everyone was settled.  Good grief.  So, live and learn!  Don’t trust the RAI’s information!

Next week we go to see the Vliegende Panters (Flying Panthers) in Carre.  This is a comedy group and will be yet another Dutch language challenge and learning opportunity!  If you get comedy in another language, you really are good.  I’m not that good.  I get about 75% and count that as a victory.  There’s only so much slang and cultural language things that you can handle at once!  Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes.