The Ring

No, it’s not the one ring to rule them all, but it is silver and it is finished. It started out as two flat pieces of silver. One I cut into a sort of Maori fishing hook design. The idea was to solder one on top of the other and then make a ring out of it.

It took quite a few attempts to get the ends soldered together correctly. Even though I’m used to working with my hands, I felt completely awkward with a blow torch in one hand and silver solder in the other. It didn’t come naturally at all! When you solder the ends of a ring together the ring is not round, but rather triangular. It’s the only way to get the ends to match up exactly. This photo is a little blurry, but you get the idea.

After that, you have to file the solder flat, inside and out, then start with the sand paper at the join until you can’t see the join any more. But be careful not to make that spot thinner than the rest of the ring!

Then pound the heck out of it to make it round, buff it and polish it, and there you go! A shiny silver ring.

Another photo to try to show the design and the shine of the thing:

It was fun to make, and fun to take this class, but will I continue with it? Will I take another class and learn how to set stones and do inlays? I kind of doubt it. If I wasn’t working, or if this was my only hobby, then probably. But at this point I miss my knitting too much!

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