the advantages of jet lag

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m wide awake in America. What else can you do in such a state besides get out the computer and surf the airwaves? And drink some so-so hotel coffee, waiting until the rest of the world wakes up and can prepare your breakfast for you.

I’m on my way to a week with Mom and the family, turkey and Black Friday shopping. Between home and “home” lies the east coast of the US where I have to stop for a few days for some meetings and work related things. I did the same thing last Thanksgiving. Maybe it will become a ritual. At some point I would really like to spend some time getting to know the Boston area rather than just the inside of a hotel room and an office building.

Anyway, enough of this jet lagged rambling. I actually wanted to write and say that

I’m IN on RAVELRY! If you have not been accepted into the fold, you have no idea how cool this site is! I’ve only spent about 10 minutes looking around and I can already see that I could spend days here. Who ever thought up this site was a genius at using web 2.0 technology in the very best way. Forget Second Life. What a waste of time. Ravelry’s the way to use community and technology.

Now, if you aren’t into knitting or fiber arts, never mind. The concept could work with any number of interests that people share. Dogs, for example. Or surgical instruments.

I imagine that the backbone of Ravelry is a giant relational database. Members have their own area where they upload their photos, their projects, what they have in their stash (all knitters have a stash of yarn, it’s an addiction), what projects they want to start working on next, what tools they have at hand, etc. They enter where they are located, what their interests are. All this is then put into the big black box and out comes the relational connections between all these 10’s of thousands of people.

There are groups you can join of like minded people. For example there is a group for people addicted to the tv show 24; a group for 30 something’s; a group called the Dyke Knitting Circle. You get the idea.

You can easily see who’s on Ravelry from your town or country. Who’s knitting the same pattern as you. Who’s knitting the same yarn. Contact people who knit for their dogs for example. It’s community with a million possibilities!

The site is also beautiful in it’s simplicity and usability. It’s still in Beta, which is why you have to sign up on the waiting list and wait to be invited to join. This is such a good idea – let in only as many people as your hardware/software/time can handle and make it a quality experience for everyone. I only had to wait about 2 weeks before my number came up. Well worth the wait.

Now I can’t wait to dig in and get started! I need more photos…. I need more info on my yarns to enter here…. I just need more TIME!

Let’s see, it’s now only 5:00 am so I guess I have another hour to kill……… sometimes jet lag is a nice thing.

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