Toys R Me and You

Today, finally, is toy day. We came back from CA last Sunday loaded with toys – new software and hardware. But it has been an exhausting week of work and obligations so none of the toys have been touched yet. Tomorrow is the big Sinterklaas event with the NL family. Which leave today to play with my own new toys. YIPPEE!

First thing is to back up this MacBook and install Leopard. Then clean up the iMac of all personal info and get ready to put it on eBay. It should be a very nice Christmas present for some lucky person. Then, set up the new (used) Cube and attach it to DB’s monitor and see if it works ok. I hope that it can be used as the music server eventually.  THEN, set up the new Airport Extreme, which will take the place of the Airport Express (another eBay item?).  The Extreme is faster than the Express, but the big advantage for us is that we can plug in the printer, Cube and backup hard drive to the Extreme and be able to access all of them wirelessly in the house.  Cool.

And of course I want to get all my bookmarks from everywhere loaded up on so that everything can be found from everywhere. And if time is left over, update bloglines finally. Oh boy!

And of course it would be nice to be able to finish one of Mom’s socks this weekend. I’m half way down the foot, so the end is in sight. For the first one. That I’m knitting for the 3rd time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Toys R Me and You

  1. mandy December 1, 2007 / 17:22

    i’m sneaking a peak at blogs before i do the farmers market and this post makes me exhausted! How do you find time to do everything?
    I’m glad everything made it up the stairs…it did, right? 🙂
    Good luck with toy day!

  2. earlybird December 4, 2007 / 07:43

    Everything made it up the stairs! No broken backs either.
    I didn’t manage to do everything on the list. I didn’t get the new airport set up yet. That will have to wait until next Saturday. But everything else is good! Leopard is really cool – gotta get a Mac Mandy! 🙂

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