Docks for everyone

My friend Ellen writes about the cool things in Leopard that she finds. Not to be outdone, I’ve found, and used, something cool myself. Here’s the proof….

Leopard comes with a new-look dock. Some like it. Some don’t. And of course there are hundreds of hackers creative people out there who create new docks and share them with the world. You can find over 100 here, along with instructions to install them. The original dock looks like this:

Pretty boring really.

There’s cheese, perfect for Mandy:

There’s the piano, perfect for Mom (and anyone else in our family):

The piano version has a finger as the dock separator. Cute.

I’ve gone for the 3d border version, which makes it a lot clearer which programs are running.

I love my Mac. 🙂

You might notice that all these images have a watermark across them. That’s because I’m trying out the free demo version of Pixelmator. It looks, so far, like a MUCH cheaper version of Photoshop, with a much nicer interface. So far, I like. If I still like it after a few weeks I will certainly plunk down my $60.

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