One good sock

Well, the first GOOD sock is finished!  Based on the last time Mom tried it on, partly finished, and based on new measurements, it should fit PERFECTLY.  🙂  I’ve started the second one.  I don’t think they will be finished in time for Christmas, but she knows they are coming, so that’s ok.  Enjoy the photo Mom!

Oh yeah, what did I do differently this time, besides get the size right?  I cast on the cuff with 2 needles together to make a very stretchy top cuff.  This fits much better.  Also, while knitting the heel turn in solid green I carried the contrast color along the back, twisting every other stitch.  This made the heel turn section stronger and more the same weight of fabric as the rest of the sock.  The first time I knit this sock I didn’t carry the other yarn in the back and the heel turn felt just too thin and weak.  It’s better now.   I’m very happy with it in the end.

2 thoughts on “One good sock

  1. Andy B December 15, 2007 / 22:10

    Wow. I’m impressed. It’s just like the picture in the book. By the way, to answer the question that you asked when you commented on my blog (thanks, by the way), two socks with magic loop is done with two different balls. You match up the stripes by just casting on at the same point in the color change. I had to cut off about a foot on one of the balls to get them to the right spot, but, from there, it’s pretty much smooth sailing and pretty obvious. It seems like there’s occassionally an inch or two difference in the color changes, but it won’t make any difference in the end. Happy knitting.

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