Winter Whites

Last week I was in the Boston area on business.  It was cold!  There was snow everywhere.  I snapped this photo outside our office:

The sun was shining while we were there which made everything look magical and lovely.  Of course we were only visitors and didn’t have to dig out driveways or worry about dead car batteries.  I understand that it’s snowing again in that area and people are still digging out…  Looks like a White Christmas on the east coast!

In Amsterdam we had our little fling with whiteness:

I took this photo with my phone yesterday morning on my way to work.  If it looks blurry, it’s because 1) it was COLD and my hand was shaking; and 2) it was darker than this photo leads you to believe and therefore the shutter speed was really slow.  It was about 8:15am and pretty dark.  Our little dusting of snow is mostly gone now, except for dark places like parts of our roof terrace where it’s still white.  Unfortunately it will warm up and we won’t have a White Christmas.  Ah well.

This morning I had to be brave and go out and shop for special items for Christmas and Boxing Day.  When I left the house I was pretty grumpy about it – it was COLD and my ears hurt while biking in this cold, even with a hat on.  I was wishing I had put my warmer ski hat on.  I was wishing I had gone by tram.  But then….

After stopping in the negenstraatjes and picking up cheese, wine and fresh delish smelling bread, I stopped on a bridge over the Prinsengracht, in the bright sun, and thought, “well, there are certainly worse places to be and worse weather to be in than this!”  I called DB and told him I was coming home loaded with goodies.  Being out and about in the city in the sun had put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

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