New Year, New Start

It’s the day after Christmas, known in some parts as Boxing Day, although I still don’t know why. Lucky for us, the gym is open today! Shops are closed. You can’t buy milk. But you can go to the gym and start working off your holiday cheer. And it was crowded! I was very surprised how many people had nothing better to do than go to the gym.

It’s not quite the end of the year, but it sure feels that way. And in that spirit we started back to the gym, back to the treadmill, to start again to see if we (DB and I) can become runners. We ran the 5km in October during the Amsterdam marathon day and it was GREAT! We loved it. We ran like runners. We felt great. Until the day after when we both had shin splints and leg pains that took more than a month to go away.

This time around we are sticking to a real training schedule. We are both so impatient that we jumped ahead in the previous scheme and did more running, farther running and faster running than we should have. Our legs paid the price. But we are older and wiser now and we both promise, cross our hearts, to stick to the schedule and not jump ahead. Promise.

DB’s sister and cousin have been following a slow and gentle scheme that you can find here. Sorry it’s only in Dutch, but I know there are lots of English sites out there too. I’ve posted this first week’s instructions on the Training page. I can check off the first training day as DONE. Big smiley face here.

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