every ending is a beginning

While looking through my bloglines list yesterday, I noticed a trend among knitting bloggers. The arbitrary ending of one time and the beginning of another time makes a person want to finish things. Isn’t it funny how the human decision to call yesterday 2007 and today 2008 make a difference to how we think about things?

Wendyknits is proud to show off her finished things, just under the wire of 2007/2008. The Yarnharlot is happy to have her argyle socks finished. Sockpron, the knitblogger I envy most both for her design savvy and the sheer amount of work she gets finished, shows off her year end gift giving.

For myself, Mom’s socks came in just in time, finished on December 30 2007. I’ve posted them on Ravelry as my very first project on this amazing web 2.0 site. Even if you are a beginning knitter without even a single project to show yet, get on the waiting list and join this web community! It’s just an amazing use of technology and community.

So, now on to the next project, in the arbitrary definition of a new time…..

3 thoughts on “every ending is a beginning

  1. Andy B January 3, 2008 / 13:35

    I’m totally amazed with those socks. I have one pair where I did a little color work on the cuff and they are tight in that spot. Those look just like the ones in the book. They’re fabulous.

  2. earlybird January 3, 2008 / 22:15

    Thanks Andy! I have to admit – I’m really glad to be done with them and the next pair of socks I will make will be ONE COLOR ONLY. I was reading somewhere on a blog that the average time it took people to knit a pair of socks was 3 weeks. These took me 3 months (OK, 2 complete frogs of 1 sock)!
    I hope my mom thinks they are fabulous too. I hope she will really wear them.

  3. velmalikevelvet January 6, 2008 / 20:30

    hi alex!

    I found your blog via Ravelry and your post on my blog. Gotta say, you make an excellent point about the arbitrary nature of time divisions and the need to adhere to them being part of the human condition. PLUS, I love these socks! Off to Ravelry to find what pattern you used. Cheers, Velma

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