A Busy Weekend

It’s been a busy weekend so far – no rest for the wicked so they say. This morning I ended week 1 of the new training plan. Tuesday I will start week 2!! So far so good. Only a little muscle pain in my legs, but so far no shin splints, but I have to keep going slowly in order to keep that from coming back. Week 2 is now to be seen here.

This morning I went jogging in the Vondelpark with DB’s sis and cousin. They are using the same running scheme, but they are already at the end of this 10 week program. It was a beautiful winter day full of blue skies and sunshine, perfect running weather. After our little workout we stopped into the Vertigo, the cafe under the Film Museum in the park, and had some tea. It was a very gezellig morning.

Back home, after doing some chores (sigh), I got busy steaming and blocking the front of DB’s sweater, my latest WIP. Wow did this thing need some stretching out! I don’t know why but the yarn really wanted to shrink into itself. This photo needs a little explanation.

Living in the Randstad (the most densely populated area in Europe, between Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam and all areas in between) you have to deal with living small. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world, and live in the smallest houses. Go figure. I am only starting to get over my claustrophobia after 5 years living here. Anyway, there’s no space for anything. Where the heck was I going to block an adult size sweater? Since moving here the only adult things I’ve knit didn’t need so much blocking, but this Nitzer Ebb sweater really did. What could I do?

Well, yesterday we went to IKEA where I bought a baby crib mattress. As you can see in the photo, it is the perfect size to lay out sweater pieces, although only 1 piece at a time. This mattress is sitting in my hallway. When not it use it will just slide up on top of my clothes closet. Problem solved!

After I get the front and back blocked, I’ll sew the shoulders and side seams and then pick up and knit the sleeves in the round from the shoulder down. I hate sewing seams but am happy to knit round and round and round and round….

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