Lately there are just too many things spinning in my head.  We are busy looking for a house to buy in Haarlem.  I am busy working on a big project at work, but also busy thinking about what I will do after this project is finished.  What will be my next job?  How do I decide?  I am busy learning all about the online knitting and hand crafts world online, which is so much bigger and exciting than I ever imagined.  And this last point leads me to be busy in my head designing knitting projects.  I don’t mean figuring out what to make with my stash, or which new techniques I might want to try, but designing things from scratch.  I have on needles in my head: an Escher inspired bag big enough to use as a good carry-on-under-the-seat-on-a-long-haul-flight tote; two-tone brioche scarf using yarn bought in New Zealand combined with some German alpaca yarn; extremely cool reversible socks; Fall leafy sweater using mohair bought in New Zealand; Maori inspired sweater using again some lovely merino bought in New Zealand.  And that’s just the stuff in my head to be designed.  This doesn’t count the stuff planned using patterns already existing!  Good grief.  I don’t have time to actually WORK!

Anyway, all this spinning makes me restless in my head.  Not nice.

I figured it was a good time to attend a Stitch ‘n Bitch Amsterdam night – my first time!  It’s held at De Jaren in the city center on Monday nights.  And tonight I made it there!

There were 6 of us in all, and surprisingly all foreigners!  (Are you still a foreigner when you have a Dutch passport? Good question, being debated all over NL these days.)  It was really nice to meet new people and talk about our mutual obsession.  Two people are also spinners (there’s that word again).  One was knitting computer code (binary, 0 for knit, 1 for purl).  Most were also addicted to Ravelry, just like me.  And I think some will make it to the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle 1-3 Feb.  I might just make it there myself.

One knitter brought her brand spanking new set of Knitpicks needles.  I have ordered these myself, had them shipped to Mom, who will, bless her, send them on to me.  OH MAN!  Those of you who are not addicted to knitting probably won’t get this, but let me try to explain.  It’s like a writer finding the most perfect pen, or the most perfect computer to use to write the perfect story.  It’s like a guitar player finding the perfect guitar and playing it for the rest of his life no matter what condition it ends up in (a la Willie).  These needles are amazing.  First of all, they are gorgeous to look at.  Secondly, they feel so perfect in your hands.  The weight is just right, the point is pointy enough.  I truly can’t wait to get mine.  They are made of wood and I bought the interchangeable double pointed set.  Heavenly.

Now, before I start looking at Ravelry again, or Etsy, I really have to get myself to bed.  Tomorrow’s another day with plenty of things to spin around in my head.

3 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. Andy B January 18, 2008 / 00:52

    So you did make it. Glad to hear it. And that’s the event in Zwolle. I had no idea when you asked me. Glad to get the link. I’ll be able to buy yarn, although I can’t imagine what it is that I need at the moment. Hope to meet you at the SnB in the next month or so.

  2. Louise January 24, 2008 / 17:45

    I like reading your blog as Amsterdam and its surrounding areas are places I love and have visited often. Sadly due to poor health I have not been over from scotland for 2yrs but blogs such as yours keep my fondness flowing. Hope you find a lovely house in Haarlem and if I ever win the lottery I might move there myself, haha.
    Thanks for sharing
    Louise xx

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