A is for Amsterdam

Along with 197 other members, I’ve joined the ABC-Along forum on Ravelry. What does this mean? Every 2 weeks I will publish a photo that relates to the letter for that time period. As I’m still under (just) the wire for the letter A, here’s a photo for Amsterdam.

It’s probably not what you’d expect for an Amsterdam photo, nor would you expect it for this time of year. It is definitely a photo from the city as it is was taken on my roof terrace, in de Baarsjes, in Amsterdam. I’ve chosen it because at this time of year I need every reminder I can get that we WILL see the sun again and it WILL one day be warm again. These dark days of January make me grumpy and depressed.

Today we had again pokke weer (pox weather – the Dutch swear using diseases – how cute). It was gray and cold and it rained all day. I really loved pulling out this photo and seeing green and purple and pink and yellow. It really does cheer me up. I think I’ll set this photo as my desktop for a while.

3 thoughts on “A is for Amsterdam

  1. Vicki January 19, 2008 / 21:19

    Lovely! I have done that — posted summertime pics in a February blog post — you just NEED to see flowers and foliage and strong shadows sometimes! My husband painted a little pansy on a card for me one particularly long and dreary winter and added “Spring Will Come.”

    Very nice A!!!

  2. Andy B January 23, 2008 / 12:36

    Hey. I’m in that group, too. Of course I started with Athens and not Amsterdam. Did Amsterdam not occur to me? I don’t want to think about it. Now I’m looking for a good B. I am trying to do a Dutch theme and even use Dutch words. We’ll see. I thought about Bijenkorf, but I’m not sure I could get there during the day for a good picture. Good luck. It’ll be fun to see what you come up with. Did you go to the SnB?

  3. earlybird January 23, 2008 / 18:48

    I thought I’d better do Amsterdam for my A since I probably won’t be living here next year! We’re most likely moving to Haarlem (so H then).
    Didn’t make it to SnB – partly because of the HORRIBLE weather, and partly due to the emotional exhaustion of visiting a new house and making a bid on it all in the same day!!! Now the waiting game begins….

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