Spammers beware!

I have been annoyed by spam comments on this blog since starting it.  I had set up the comments function so that every new comment had to be approved first before being shown, unless you were a previously approved commenter and the system recognized you.  I didn’t like this either because if I didn’t get around to checking the comments queue, your comment might not show up for days.

I posted a question on a forum on Ravelry (yes, there’s a WordPress forum on a knitting site – knitters are very technical people you know!) and someone suggested trying Spam Karma plug-in to kill spam before it starts.  This morning I set it up.  The set up was so easy – it took about a minute.  Now, if you are a really nice reader, and want to do me a really big favor, please leave a comment on this post to test this new plug-in.  Thanks!

One thought on “Spammers beware!

  1. Dappere Bas January 20, 2008 / 18:32

    Geen idee wat ik moet posten. Iets van Spam! Viagra! ofzo?

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