Ch ch ch ch changes

You all know the expression “There’s nothing so constant as change” or something like that.  Too true.  Now, in this part of Europe, I’d be happy if the seasons really did change.  What happened to winter?  We’re skipping it this year.  My camellia tells the truth:

This photo was taken yesterday, as the sun was coming up.  You’d think it was April.  But noooooo, it’s January and it’s too warm and who can stop a camellia that wants to bloom?

We were walking in the city center yesterday.  It was a perfect spring day (except that it wasn’t) and lots of people were out and about, shopping, eating, moving house….

I was going for artistic effect here, trying to get the ramp parallel in the photo.  I didn’t quite make it. But, anyway, here’s a photo of how to move in Amsterdam.  Or Haarlem, Utrecht, etc.  This is how we moved into our house.  Big truck, big ramp, big window – everything in!  Actually, when we moved into our house our couch was too big to go through the front window so they put the ramp up to the roof, the ramp carried the couch to the roof and over to the back side of the house where the couch came in through the terrace doors.  Can’t wait to see that in reverse when we move out.

Speaking of which (what a segue I made for myself), we are moving!!!  It’s a little bit sad, but also very exciting.  We’re leaving Amsterdam and moving to Haarlem.  Last Monday we visited a house for sale, made an offer on the same day, and by the end of the week had agreed on a deal with the sellers.  Yippee!

We’d been actively looking since October but the housing market is so tight that it takes a while to 1) find something you like, and 2) be lucky enough to beat out the competition and be the one to bid.   It’s nothing like the U.S. situation over here.  In the Randstad anyway, there aren’t enough houses for sale (in the right price range) for the number of people looking for a house, so prices go up and competition is tough.  It’s the worst in Amsterdam where often there are bidding wars for houses.  That is good news for us when we come to sell our place.

So, it’s off to Haarlem for us!  But not until August.  We have one more summer to enjoy our rooftop view of Dutch skies.

2 thoughts on “Ch ch ch ch changes

  1. Emily January 27, 2008 / 16:28

    I love seeing your little snippets of Dutch life! I have a family member who is Dutch and I feel like I’m learning more about him through you 😉 I never would have imagined about moving through the windows! I love the idea of taking the couch up and around.

  2. earlybird January 27, 2008 / 16:58

    Yeah, the staircases here are so narrow and steep that you’d never get your stuff moved that way. Lots of buildings also have giant block and tackle things coming out of the peak of the roof. The idea is that you run a rope from there to the ground and then with human hands, winch your stuff up to the window. I’ll have to get a photo of that happening some time. Happens on our block regularly….

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