B is for Bas

As part of the ABC-Along 2008, here’s a photo of Bas, the cat of the house. Otherwise known as Dappere Bas, not to be confused with his master’s web handle, or maybe the confusion is on purpose. DB, the master, loves his cat dearly, and I’ve come to love him too.

Bas is an excellent example for training cats. Cats really can be trained! It just takes more patience than with dogs. Bas knows that he’s not allowed to lay on the blue couch, and he doesn’t even do it when we aren’t home (we can tell by the lack of cat hair there). He knows that he has to stand in a certain spot under the kitchen table before he gets his canned food in the evening, and he stands there, complaining all the time about it, but he stands there and waits until we say it’s ok to come out and eat. He knows that he’s only allowed to sleep at the foot of the bed and he doesn’t even try to sleep by our heads (he would be tossed off the bed if he did anyway). He’s a very good boy and a very sweet cat. B is for Bas.

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