Stash update

I’ve already mentioned my new sock yarn from Pigeonroof Studios but only today did we have some nice sunshine to take a decent photo. I took some stash photos outside on the roof terrace. Here’s my lovely burnt orange sock yarn:

Yesterday I drove up to Zwolle for the Handwerkbeurs.  I was really curious about what I would find.  It was my first time to one of these events in NL.  It’s basically all sorts of needlework supplies and equipment for sale in one place.  There were sewing machine dealers, lamps made specifically to help crafters and their eyes, loads of quilting stands selling fabrics and supplies, embroidery stuff, canvas needlework stuff, and, finally, yarn and knitting and spinning stuff.  There wasn’t as much knitting stuff as there was at the Stitch ‘n Bitch day in Rotterdam, which makes sense since the SnB event was for, well, SnB-ers.  I went to Zwolle looking for specific things – 100% wool that will felt, in shades of green, to make a felted tote bag that I’m designing in my head at this moment – and also some green to make an alligator scarf.  The scarf yarn had to be soft and washable and something like sport weight.  That was impossible to find.  There was more sock yarn than you can imagine.  And 100% natural wool that can’t be thrown in the washing machine (not handy for a child’s scarf).  I ended up buying 100% cotton, and I’ll see how that comes out.  It’s an experiment.  Here’s what I came home with:

I  guess it was a green sort of day!  Will I go again to a Handwerkbeurs?  Probably.  Even if I don’t buy much and it’s a long way to drive for so little yarn, it’s also nice to get out of the city and see some of the Dutch countryside on a sunny winter day.  I sometimes forget that there are forests in this country…..

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