Let’s catch up…

I really notice that when I’m really busy at work my blogging suffers. I haven’t posted in over a week, which isn’t like me. Last week I worked late a few days, which makes me worthless in the evenings. I missed last Monday’s SnB night, which is really unfortunate since Dutch tv, NOS, was there with a film crew and made a little piece about knitting becoming hip and happening. The clip can be seen here. I recognize some of those faces!

As well as working a lot, we’re also busy with buying the house in Haarlem. It takes a lot of time and effort to buy a house! Not to mention the stress of signing your name to a lifetime of debt. Part of it is fun too. Like yesterday, after going to the Hypotheker and signing the mortgage agreement, we went to a tile and bathroom showroom on the Amstel. I really like this sort of thing. I get very excited about tiling. And plumbing. Our new house is almost perfect, except that the bathroom need remodeling. I’m actually kind of glad about that because it’s the one room we can really design and make our own. We got some good ideas yesterday and saw some new things. One thing I saw reminded me of my sis and niece and their families:

Maybe they need to tile the cheese room like this, with cow scenes. Nice.

Let’s see, what else has been happening around Amsterdam….. Last night we went to The Movies. We were planning to eat there, but they were full, so we ended up walking down the street to an eetcafe which was also nice. I had a pot full of mussels. Yum! There’s a Coen Brothers festival of sorts going on at The Movies. We’ve already seen all their movies and are big fans. Last night we saw the latest, “No Country for Old Men“. Wow. I just felt kind of dazed at the end. It was incredibly well made. The acting was great. The story was dark and bleak and bloody. I highly recommend this movie, if you aren’t afraid of seeing a lot of blood. I’m sure it will win awards. And as for The Movies, it’s on my list of places to take Mom when she comes to visit! Where else can you have dinner, and a movie, and drinks, all in the same small cozy lovely place? If you want a view of the street where all this is happening, check out this site that shows photos of whole streets in the city. I just found the site and it looks really good! Check it out. The link above takes you to Haarlemmerdijk, home of shops and restaurants and The Movies. We hardly ever get to this neighborhood as it’s out of our way, but like a lot of places, I wish we went there more often.

I have to say though, that all the biking we did yesterday, was COLD! Last night biking home after the late movie was so cold. It was easily no higher than the freezing point, and with a little wind, sitting on a bike, it’s bone chilling.

This morning we decided to run in the Vondelpark. It was still bone chilling outside. The sun was bright, which gave us hope of not freezing to death before we got warm from running. I put on my new warm running tights, t-shirt and TWO fleece running sweatshirts, gloves and knit hat. Brrrrr. We biked over icy bridges on our way there. We biked as fast as we could to try to get warm (or at least not colder). I have to say though that it was nice to run in the park and I generated enough heat to be comfortable. We also saw the stork family in the park. They have their own fenced off area. I had my trusty phone with me and tried to get a photo. They are pretty far away but maybe you can see them in the left of the photo. The long pole is their nest.

On the knitting front, I’m almost finished with DB’s Nitzer Ebb sweater. I’ve cut off the bottom ribbing on the front and back and have knit an additional 2 inches on the back and am now busy adding to the front. After that it should fit him perfectly. Yeah! I haven’t had much time to work on the baby sweater, but here’s my progress so far:

As you can see, the fronts and back are knit as one piece to the armholes. The part on the right is the left front of the sweater. After I finish DB’s sweater, and this little gem, I’m going to make something for ME. Probably the Pecan Pie. It’s still cold enough to want a hat! After that maybe the Pomatomus socks, which have been on my list forever. I have yarn for both projects already, so nothing except time should get in my way.

Speaking of time…. I will again miss SnB tomorrow night because we are going to the RAI theater to see Neil Young. Whoohoo! I’m very curious how that will be. It’s all seating so no dancing or jumping really possible. Does that mean it will be an acoustic set? I’ll let you know Tuesday….

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