Small is Beautiful

Now that Nitzer Ebb is finished, I’m working on the baby sweater.  The pattern is called “Daisy” but I’m not doing it exactly as described.  As you can see, I’ve changed the pattern stitch and colors and yarn and gauge.  So sue me.  This yarn is cotton/acrylic blend and feels sooo soft – perfect for a baby.  The shape will be the same as Daisy.  This is the first sleeve.  The fronts and back are done.  I’m working on the second sleeve.  Then the hood is last.  It will be amazingly cute, I’m sure.

I’ve been knitting it mostly at night while watching Master Chef on the BBC.  This is the final week and they are down to 3 contestants.  I find the judges, Gregg and John, incredibly annoying.  I also really hate the fact that the BBC thinks all viewers have the memory and attention span of fleas and are constantly repeating the same lines over and over and over and….  but I’m always curious enough about what the contestants will cook next to keep coming back.  Last year we rooted for Dean, who was ROBBED when he lost.  This year I have a soft spot for 18 year old Emily.   She has such an imagination when it comes to cooking.  I wish I had that!  I have to say, if I wasn’t so busy knitting, I’m be cooking more.

2 thoughts on “Small is Beautiful

  1. Louise March 2, 2008 / 13:38

    Not being very good in the kitchen it amazes me how every year my other half and I become hooked to ‘Masterchef’ without fail. We too were routing for Emily..I wont say who won just incase the final has not been screened in the Netherlands yet..but it was a very very close final. It seems to me that UK TV is becoming much more like US tv..which I find very repetitive. They tend to repeat everything after the break that you have just watched 5 mins before…argggh.

    Nice knit by the way. I did a scarf in that pattern last year (it remains unworn however..its just too darn itchy!)

  2. earlybird March 2, 2008 / 23:12

    Oh you can say who won – we watch the “real” BBC here (1,2,3,4). 🙂 It’s surprising how much English language tv there is in NL. I think James really did deserve to win, but Emily was just so amazing at 18.
    Thanks for the knit comment. This yarn is so soft. You’ll have to try it again!

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