The Dude has nothing on us

Tonight we went Twilight Bowling at Knijn.  There were 11 of us bowling.  We didn’t know it would be Twilight Bowling until we got there.  What a nice surprise!  You get used to the lights so quickly that it seems somehow stupid to bowl under bright lights.  Dark lights and disco music are much more in the spirit of bowling.  Actually, I suck at bowling.  We only do it once a year, so how good can you be really?  But it’s good fun once in a while.

We used to see these friends much more often, but people have their own families now, and busy jobs, and commuting, etc. etc.  We only all get together like this once or twice a year.  This is one thing I think is special about NL – people tend much more to stay friends their whole lives and still get together.  DB has known these guys since childhood.  They grew up together in Den Helder and all moved away to go to school and never moved back.

One of the things that makes me really feel like an Amsterdamer is biking through the city with a group of friends.  It’s the only place in the world (outside of China maybe) where you will go from bowling, to a restaurant, on bikes, 2 by 2 through the city chatting away together.  It’s really wonderful and feels very special.   I could never live anywhere else.

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