Sundays should be for sitting around in your pjs until late, reading the news (paper or online) and watching sports on tv. This Sunday, today, was for paperwork and taxes. Yes, that time of year again and we really needed to get it done. Taxes in NL are very easy to file, electronically, a few questions and you’re done. DB hates it though. He filled in the e-form, cursing every screen and question. Of course in the end it took about an hour in total, and we get a nice sum back from the gov. The belastingdienst (Dutch version of IRS) is running several commercials on tv which are very cute. Their theme is “we can’t make it nicer, but we can make it easier”. I can’t imagine the IRS ever making the effort to have a more friendly face to the public. My view of the IRS is a big monster who will eat you up if you step out of line. The belastingdienst is a much more cuddly animal. Anyway, it’s done for another year. Next year we will hire someone to do it for us since we are selling one house and buying another and that’s just a little too tricky to figure out flawlessly.

In other news….

I have to go out running in the park today. I have to. It’s raining. It will be raining all day. But I have to go. In 2 weeks time I have to run a 5km (3 mile) race and I’m not yet prepared. I won’t be prepared in 2 weeks, but I’ll do my best. Last week I only ran 1 time. That’s bad. But I’ve been working longer hours and the weather has just sucked this last week. Both work and weather have conspired against me. But I will be tough and go out there when I’m finished with this post.

On the knitting front…

Here are 2 photos of my progress with Pomatomus. It’s lovely, isn’t it? I really admire the designer of this sock. How did she come up with this? The yarn is really nice too. It looks like the ocean on a stormy day – blue and green and purple. I’m really enjoying making this. The pattern calls for 3 repeats down the leg but I only did 2. I have short legs and I like this length on me. You can see I’ve started the heel flap at the top.

I’m also starting to figure out felting and getting ready to design my own felted bag. I made a few swatches last night and threw them in the wash with the laundry this morning. I have a front loader, so I can’t pull anything out to check it during the cycle. I was happy to see that the swatches didn’t felt too much – they look just right. The yarn is quite fine (like sock yarn) so I have to play around with swatches some more before settling on the best method to make a sturdy bag fabric. The middle piece was knit with a double strand in linen stitch. It’s perfect for the sides and strap of the bag. The single st. st. on the right is just too thin for the main body of the bag. Maybe with color stranding in the back it will be better. I’ll get back to you on that….

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