Yay! I did it again!

Last October DB and I ran the 5km race that was part of the Amsterdam Marathon event. I was suffering shin splints at the time but ran anyway, and afterwards had to lay off running for 2 months. Since January I’ve been more or less building up slowly, from ground zero, to be able to run 5km (and then more). Today was the Ladies 5km race in Zandvoort and I made it! No leg pain, no problems at all. I will know my official race time tomorrow after they post it on the web site. I think it will be faster than the one in October.

The day started out with miserable rainy weather and I was afraid we’d have to run in the rain. I ran this with DB’s sister I., and I said that if she calls and says she doesn’t want to go, then that’s ok with me. But she was really up for it, so the 3 of us went despite the weather. And you know what? It rained all days EXCEPT for the 30 minutes that we ran. How about THAT! We ran on the Formula 1 racetrack, which was kind of cool. It was fun to imagine those fast race cars going up and around the banked curves. Instead we were a long snake of women of all ages and sizes.

Here are some photos from the day. A couple I took with my phone, a couple DB took from the sidelines.

The warming up before the race itself:

Along the route:

The long snake of runners:

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