Too tired to think

Dear Readers,
I’m tired. I’m too tired to read, too tired to write, too tired to think, too tired to sleep. I’ve been working too much lately, and it’s only going to get worse. I told Andy Monday night (at SnB in de Jaren) that I don’t blog about work because you just never know who’s reading and what bridges you might be burning. But I will say that I’m working too much. It would be ok if the work was more enjoyable, but at this point in the project, it’s not fun. No one is happy. Everyone is stressed out. The deadlines are deadly and I’m not seeing where this is going to have a big positive payoff at the end. In case you haven’t guessed, yes, this is an SAP implementation. Sigh. If you know what that means, then you know how I feel.

In more upbeat news, it looks like our house is sold and since this is Amsterdam, we had a bidding war between two crazy people with too much money, which resulted in us getting more than the asking price for our little home. The housing market is insane here and I can’t help feeling that we’re selling at the right time, before everything comes crashing down. We also got a good deal on our house in Haarlem, so over all things are looking pretty fantastic on the housing front.

In knitting news, I’m working hard still on the 2nd Pomatomus and will get down to the heel flap tonight. I am NOT too tired to knit! That is my zen moment. Knitting is my meditation. If I could knit in meetings I’d probably be a lot less stressed out.

Since the socks are nearly finished I’m already planning my next project. I’m a serial knitter and just don’t feel good working on more than one project at a time. It’s just not me! I think next I will try my first lace project. I’m also sort of trying felting (does that count as a 2nd project if I’m only making swatches?). I’m going to design a felted tote with a pattern design from M.C. Escher. And then there are the reversible socks I’m designing in my head….. Ahhhhh ! Now I feel better!

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