Rants and Raves on a Saturday in Amsterdam

OK, first the Raves cuz it’s always nice to start with a positive note. Pomatomus is done! What are 2 Pomatomuseseses? Pomatomi? Anyway, they are done and I’ve been wearing them around the house for the last 24 hours. I took this photo this morning just before I headed into the city to buy shoes specifically to show off hand knit socks.

I stopped first at the Wolky shop on the Kinkerstraat. I love Wolky shoes. I’ve been buying them since I moved here.

They are always so comfy. And look what I found!!! They are perfect for keeping your toes warm in the not-sandal-friendly Dutch weather and great for showing off your socks.

After that success I headed through the Negenstraatjes to ‘t Spui where I parked my bike. I went to the Sketchers shop on the Kalverstraat. I also love Sketchers and this shop has a really huge selection – well, it is a dedicated Sketchers shop after all. And another success! For only 30 euros I got these clear plastic babies:

I was on a roll! I then went to 3 book stores: Waterstone’s, American Book Center, and de Slegte which is a second hand book shop. No joy in my search for knitting books. The largest selection was at ABC. Both Waterstone’s and de Slegte weren’t worth going into. Here’s my opinion about Waterstone’s – if you are looking for English English fiction, it’s the best place to go. For anything else, go to ABC. They’re only 200 meters apart. I was disappointed not finding any knitting books with techniques or big pattern dictionaries, but I wasn’t too surprised and am happy to find what I’m looking for on Amazon.

So, then we were off to the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. I met DB and we went to the Tuschinski to see “The Man from Earth”. All the movies at this festival are small films in the genres of horror, sci-fi, anime, or fantasy. This movie came under the fantasy category. It was about a man who claimed to be 40,000 years old and “came out” to his friends about his life. It all took place in a living room. I really liked it and highly recommend going to see it. It was certainly thought provoking. I won’t tell more so as not to spoil it for you. We’ll be going to the festival again next Saturday. Going to see a movie in the middle of the day is special!

Now, on to the Rant portion or our program….
I had to find some buttons for the Daisy sweater that I made for the neighbor’s as yet unborn baby. I went to the button shop on the Herengracht, just around the corner from Scheltema (a very nice Dutch book store). This shop is only open when the owner gets the feeling to open it apparently. You just never know when you stop by if it will be open or not. It’s a huge shop full of buttons and other do-dads. It’s beautiful! She must pay a fortune in rent. I figure she is independently wealthy and just likes running the shop as a hobby or somewhere for her friends to hang out. Anyway, I found my little bunny buttons and started to look for some bone or horn buttons to use for a sweater I want to make. In the center of the shop is a long table with lots of bones, horns, buttons, and other stuff made from bone and horn. I was picking up stuff and checking it out before I saw the sign “Do Not Touch”. I went up to the counter and waited for the woman to notice that she had a customer and should maybe stop socializing with her friend and see what the heck I wanted. I asked (in Dutch) if the things on the table were for sale. She said “Yes (in English of course) but you have to wait for help. What do you want to buy?” I pointed to the 3 polished horn buttons with holes in them and said “die drie zwarte” (the 3 black ones). She said (again in English) “Oh, those aren’t for sale, they are part of the display. You can’t buy them.” And she proceeded to head back to the cash register, rang up my 3 rabbit buttons and that was that. She went back to chatting with her friend in that lovely flat South Amsterdam’s accent that makes you just want to hit people. I left there with the feeling that she doesn’t give a shit about her customers and therefore I will never go back there again. Period. I will desecrate the ozone layer by ordering buttons online from a U.S. shop and having them flown over in a plane instead of buying anything from that woman again.

Rant over.

Now back to your lovely sunny Saturday…..

3 thoughts on “Rants and Raves on a Saturday in Amsterdam

  1. Rikje April 14, 2008 / 10:51

    Moet ik nou in het Nederlands of in het Engels schrijven?
    In protection of the ozone layer, wou ik even zeggen: there are more button shops in Amsterdam, maybe not as deftig as this one… How about Jan de grote Kleinvakman op de Albert Cuyp? And in The Wolvenstraat there seems to be a knopenwinkel of wereldniveau (as they say themselveson their website http://www.knopenwinkel.net).

    I really like reading your blog about Amsterdam. I woon hier al mijn hele leven maar kan me soms over dezelfde dingen verbazen.

  2. earlybird April 15, 2008 / 07:21

    Bedankt for the tip! I will check out Albert Cuyp next time I think. Besides, it’s always nice to go to the market. I haven’t been there in a long time.
    Ik ben blij dat ik soms Amsterdamers kan verbazen. 🙂

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