If I Won the Lotto

In my web browsing I’ve come across a lot of yarn spinners.  It makes me want to learn how!  Check out Velma’s latest posting.  Maybe it’s the sunshine I’m missing, but sitting out in the park spinning wool into yarn just looks so zen.  I could use more zen in my life.  What I can’t use is more hobbies.  I don’t have any more time for more hobbies.

I’d have a lot more time if I won the lotto.

I’d open the coolest yarn shop / coffee bar in all of the Netherlands.  I’d have comfy couches and tables and chairs for people to hang out and knit and talk.  I’d have free coffee and tea.  I’d have cool music in the background and knitting mags on view.  I’d have a corner with a Mac or 2 set up for people to search knitting stuff (and stuff in general).  Oh yeah!  And yarn!  Walls of yarn and tools and interesting bits and pieces.  It would be a great place to hang out.  I’d be open 6 days a week, 10 hours a day.

And I wouldn’t have any extra time at all. 🙂

One thought on “If I Won the Lotto

  1. velmalikevelvet April 24, 2008 / 00:38

    and i’d come visit you, and i’d buy your yarn, and drink coffee with you, and we’d be fast friends… do it! 🙂

    and thanks for the link – it gave me an excuse to come over and admire your blog again.


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