Your Tax Euros at Work

When you get to be a certain age in this country, the government sends you a letter and requests that you go for a test. I got my letter a few weeks ago. So off I went today for my first Dutch required medical exam – a mammogram.

Actually I was really excited to get this letter. With breast cancer in the family, and me not getting any younger, I was planning to make an appointment with my huisarts (family doctor) and ask for a mammogram appointment. Little did I know, the government was looking out for me! This is very cool.

And look where you have to go! They set up mobile x-ray trailers and park them around the city for a period of time. You get an invite to the trailer when it’s in your neighborhood. Pretty efficient I think. I’ll get the results in the mail (along with a copy to my huisarts) in a week or so.

Lots of people complain about the health care here. They especially complain that having a huisarts as your gatekeeper to further health care gives them way too much power and they are very overworked and don’t really care about you at all. But hey, after living in the U.S. without any health insurance at all, I’m THRILLED to be sent letters to come visit a trailer, and to be able to go see a physical therapist whenever I want to, and to never, NEVER be told anything at all by my insurance company.

2 thoughts on “Your Tax Euros at Work

  1. louise April 19, 2008 / 15:19

    Believe it or not our mobile Mammogram unit visits the car park of the towns biggest supermarket every few months. So whilst your picking up some groceries you can also get your ‘front buns’ checked out!

  2. earlybird April 20, 2008 / 09:24

    Now that’s “forward” thinking! So, they do the same in Scotland with the mobile Mamms. Maybe it’s only the US that’s backwards. 🙂

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