Lace is Work

I’m finding it’s hard to take good photos of lace.  The light is either too strong or too weak and the background makes all the difference.  Plus, lace knitting looks so different before and after it’s blocked.  Right now my lace project looks like a rumpled mess.  Once finished and blocked it will be a perfect web.  At least I hope so!  As I’ve said before, lace is new for me and quite a challenge.  I’m getting the hang of it though.  This triangular part was knit with only 1/2 a row frogged.  I count that as a huge improvement.

I haven’t been able to knit much this last week.  Last Monday night I had to miss SnB night to go to a work event (bowling!).  Tuesday-Thursday were 11 hour days at work.  Bah.  I can’t take much more of that!  I managed to knit almost this entire triangle on Friday night.  At this rate I won’t get this shawl finished by my birthday (which is my goal) in mid-June.

I’m also making swatches for a sock I’m designing and will submit to  So, it remains TOP SECRET!

One thought on “Lace is Work

  1. bea April 20, 2008 / 14:51

    This is quite lovely.

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