Fun with Color

Last night we went with our neighbors to a local pub/restaurant in our neighborhood.  The weather was warm and sunny and it was so wonderful to be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  On the way back we walked again through Mercatorplein where there’s a kermis going on.  J. has the same phone as I do, a Sony Ericsson K800i, but he’s read the book whereas I just start using using it without reading about all the things it can do.  He showed me how to change the camera settings for the type of photo you are taking.  If you change it to night photography, you get deep rich colors.  I took these photos with my phone, and I have to say, they look pretty good!

This is the corner of the square, with the pink cheery trees in bloom:

Then I changed the camera settings and started taking photos of the ride.  I like this one because of the contrast of the bright lights and wild ride, and the traditional muslim woman walking by:

Then the colors get fun when the ride starts turning:

I really love the camera on this phone.  The phone itself is pretty ok too.  I’ve been saying for a long time that when the next generation iPhone comes out I will get one, but if the camera isn’t as good as this one I’m going to be a little bit sorry.  This K800i will sync with my computers (XP and OSX both) which is nice.  And it will do email and web browsing, although very painfully.  The screen is too small for real web use and the number pad is just not nice for anything other than a quick sms.  I want an iPhone for the connectivity, but I want this phone for the camera.  Damn, I just don’t want to carry more than 1 device!

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