Peace and Quiet

We just got home from spending 4 days on an Island. Terschelling to be exact. It is one of the Dutch Wadden Islands which lay above the northern edge of the country. We took a ferry from Harlingen to West Terschelling, a trip that takes 2 hours. We went by car, and put the car on the ferry, but it is almost as easy to go by train and bike.

We went for this little get-away to get some peace and quiet and to de-stress from work. I think it worked! One day we biked around the whole island. On Queen’s Day we went into West Terschelling and checked out the celebrations going on there. Yesterday we tried to walk from the beach, through the dunes to the forest, and then back to the hotel, but we weren’t able to get past the swamp and into the forest. We had to turn back after several tries to find a trail. Ah well, at least it wasn’t raining!

We stayed at a very nice hotel (Paal 8) on the northwest side of the island. The first night we ate dinner there and I have to say, it was superb. Very high quality dining indeed! The next 2 nights we ate at Paviljoen West aan Zee which was also VERY good food, for a cheaper price than the hotel restaurant. I had fish every night and was still not tired of it.

I really recommend Terschelling if you want to get away for a few days, enjoy some wide open beaches, few people, good food and lots of biking opportunities. I would gladly go back again.

Now, let’s let the photos speak for themselves. You can find all of them here.

We started out by driving over the afsluitdijk. It is the “mother of all dikes”.

A photo of Harlingen:

The ferry boat:

West Terschelling:

When we biked around the island, the southern half is saved from washing away by a dike running nearly the whole length of the island. Along the dike it’s green and lush and covered by sheep and newly born lambs:

There were also lots and lots of birds, but I don’t know their names:

Here’s where we ate and drank:

The beach:

And of course, how do the Dutch get to the beach? By bike of course!

2 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet

  1. Janet Wees May 19, 2008 / 21:40

    I also love Terschelling. I lived there for a month last September, in a vacation apartment. I rode my bicycle and walked everyday counter-acting the daily “dose” of whipped cream/slagroom I ingested. I have many photos as well from the island, including one with all the bikes along the posts on the way to the beach.
    I am posting something on the Grafitti Wall for Rick Steeves website. If you did that as well, more people would discover this wonderful place; although I am not sure the locals want any more people there in the summer! But they do make a lot from the tourists. My plan is to go back for four or five months next year and write and travel from my apartment.
    Janet Wees
    Calgary Canada

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