J is for Jogging!

(Update:  I had to remove the image/link with my image and map.  It was totally crashing my blog.  Ah well, a new J image will be added later…)
Sunday I hit a new milestone: 7km jogging, non-stop. That’s my longest run yet! Then I found this website where you can map out your run, share it with others, and know how far you went. I also have my Nike+ thingy to tell me how far and how fast I went, but this mapping is nice too.

I was so enthusiastic after this run that I signed myself up for the Kikarun on 8 June! Oh no! This is a 10km race and I just don’t know if I can do it! But then, I remember, when I signed up for both of the 5km races I felt the same way. I just have to stay injury free and keep up a slow increase and I should be ok. This coming Sunday I plan to run 7.5km. Whew!

One thought on “J is for Jogging!

  1. Cybèle May 27, 2008 / 21:03

    Hartstikke goed joh! I’ve finally cracked my 3 mins runs – it’s taken me ages but I think I can run them now without thinking I’m going to collapse. One more and I’m moving onto 5 min runs, which seem very daunting still!

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