Positives and Negatives

First the bad news.

I didn’t make it to the Kikarun today. I was supposed to run my first 10km race today, but Friday night I came down with a migraine and this morning it was still with me. It’s kind of with me now (5:30pm) but strong drugs are doing their job and making the headache just a foggy ache in the right temple. There was just no way that I could have run 10km today though. And to make it even more impossible – it’s really really warm today! We have strong sunshine and 80-85 degree (F) temps, which I’m not used to running in at all. I don’t do well in heat. Heat + migraine = sit in a dark room and try to sleep. This is what I did most of the day.

Now the good part! The migraine drugs did enough of a job last night that I managed to finish knitting Garden Party! YIPPEE!! Just in time to block it today and have it ready to wear on my birthday on Wednesday. Talk about a tight schedule!

I blocked it on the sofa bed in the living room. It’s actually a pretty fine place to block large knitted items. I just have to make sure the cat doesn’t decide to check it out.

Here’s a photo of the lumpy blob that is lace before blocking:

And here are some photos after it was pinned out:

You can see that my pinning is NOT 100% perfect, but hey, it was hot as hell in the living room and I really didn’t want to spend more time making it 100% perfect.

I wasn’t sure if just pinning it out while it was damp would be good enough to make it “take”, so I also steamed it with my steam iron. Of course the iron never touched the yarn, but I think it helped. It was drying so fast that I though this shot of steam was a good idea.

This was my first lace project and I really thought when I first saw the charts that I’d never figure it out. What I learned is that if you just take it one chart at a time, it all makes sense in the end. You can’t read the chart on page 7 when you are only on page 2 and expect it to make sense. At least not if you are just starting to work with lace. I think my next lace project will go much easier and faster. Oh yes, there will be a next lace project. I’m hooked now!

Later in the week I’ll post photos of me actually wearing this shawl. I can’t wait!

One thought on “Positives and Negatives

  1. Andy B June 9, 2008 / 08:50

    Your birthday is Wednesday the 11th? Mine is Thursday the 12th. No wonder we get along so well! That shawl is beautiful. It wasn’t much to look at (they never are) when you were knitting it, but it’s really stunning now. And Wednesday might actually be shawl weather. Have a great time!

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