The Big Five-Oh!

Anyone who is around the age of the big 5-oh will remember Hawaii Five-O and Dan-O. Every time I think that I’m the Big Five-Oh, I can’t help think of that tv show. Funny how some things just stick. I can even hear the theme song.

Anyway, surprise, surprise, I really AM 5-Oh. Oh no! Wednesday was my birthday, along with at least 2 other people at work that I know of. I did have to work on the big 5-oh, which was disappointing, but couldn’t be helped.

The morning of my birthday DB gave me some gorgeous earrings. They are gold with dangling aquamarines. Lovely. Then he told me to get home RIGHT ON TIME and be ready with sporty clothes and dress clothes. You know, I stressed all day about what was in store for me. “Sporty clothes”??? Good grief! What will I have to do? Laser tag? Bowling? Sky diving?

When I got home he was dressed up and ready to go. It turns out that the “sporty clothes” thing was just a psych so that I wouldn’t have any idea what to expect. He got that right! I got ready in my “going out to dinner” clothes, including the new shawl of course. Here’s a photo:

I just love my new shawl!

The taxi showed up right on time and off we went to…. I didn’t know where. He told the taxi driver OUTSIDE the taxi where to go so that I wouldn’t hear. I had no idea. We drove west. Then south. Then headed outside the city to Amstelveen. Amstelveen? Why on earth are we going there? Eventually we ended up HERE. Ron Blaauw at Ouderkerk a/d Amstel. It’s a two ** restaurant. Not one *…. TWO **.

They started bringing us amuses one after the other. I don’t remember how many. Shrimps. Tiny frozen green tea blobs. Gazpacho soup in little bottles with straws. I should have started taking photos from the beginning, but didn’t think of it until the REAL menu started. The real menu had 12 courses. Here are a few of the best photos. Of course I didn’t use a flash (which would have been just TOO hillbilly) so the photos are very grainy.

My favorite flavors:

Blackend shrimp.

Chocolate bubbles with ice cream at the bottom. How do they do that?

And my least favorite: beets. I really don’t like beets.

The white blob is cheese, which was really nice. DB didn’t like the cheese but liked the beets. Go figure.

You can see all the food photos here. It was really a lovely evening. When the second of the desserts arrived we wondered what time it was. I looked at my watch – 11:00pm! We had been sitting there eating and drinking for 4 hours! It was an experience.

So, how does it feel to be the big Five-Oh? With a partner like DB it feels pretty darn wonderful.

2 thoughts on “The Big Five-Oh!

  1. aija June 14, 2008 / 12:48

    Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a wonderful start to many more years to come.

  2. Cybèle June 14, 2008 / 17:01

    A bit late but hartelijk gefeliciteerd! And funny you being five-oh, I had you in mind as a student (yes I know, you can be a mature student!).
    I don’t like beetroot either, but it seems the Dutch like it. It’s one of those things my mum used to make and I haven’t eaten since leaving home 13 years ago!

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