Stash Growth

I’m here in the lovely state of Massachusetts for a week. I’m here for work, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a little fun too. On Ravelry I contacted a Raveler and asked for references to a local yarn shop (LYS) in the Cambridge to Concord area. She recommended Woolcott and Co. So that’s where I went! I did some serious stash growth buying.

I bought a little Malabrigo. I bought a lot more Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, some Noro sock yarn, and some super wash merino for 2 scarves planned for kids Christmas presents. Once I’m back home I’ll take photos of my haul.

It was so nice to walk into this small but packed colorful shop and speak with very friendly people who really love what they are doing. You can tell.

If you are anywhere in the Boston area I really recommend that you stop in to Woolcott & Co. They are right off of Harvard Square, which is certainly worth a visit as well. Here’s a photo of one corner of the shop:

Before I left home I placed a book order on Amazon and had the order shipped to the office over here.  I’ve gone lace mad!!  I bought 4 lace books.  Good grief!  Who has time to work with all this fiber and pattern ideas laying around?

4 thoughts on “Stash Growth

  1. Dappere Bas June 20, 2008 / 09:48

    good thing we’re moving. :o)

  2. Cybèle June 20, 2008 / 14:17

    Sounds like a great memento 😉
    Have you ever been to the Schapekop in Nieuwpoort? I’ve only been once but my mum goes fairly regularly, reminds me of the shop you describe. The best bit is that they make you coffee or tea while you’re looking around… Link is

  3. louise June 21, 2008 / 20:48

    I have just caught up with reading your blog after being away. Belated Happy Birthday and also well done for your solo effort on Knit in Public Day!! I spent it here in Scotland, in the local park (very nice on a sunny day) in the drizzly rain under a gazebo with around 20 knitting grandmas who kindly handed out cakes and sausage rolls!!. I have tagged you in my knit blog for a meme that is doing the rounds..hope you will join in. If its not your thing no worries.Take care

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